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Setup Guide for iPhone

Please contact us to retrieve String (settings). This service is only for our subscribed users.

1. On your mobile device, copy String (given address, e.g. ssr://..) into your clipboard before proceeding!!!

2. Open the Potatso app (open this website on your iOS device and click on Potatso light app).

NOTE: For iOS, I highly recommend paying $2.99 for Shadowrocket because WhatsApp calls and other VoIP applications don't work with Potatso light or any other iOS app. Shadowrocket is the only stable Shadowsocks client for iOS that will tunnel VoIP through the proxy, so it's definitely worth the price for it.
Apple has removed all VPN and Shadowsocks apps from the China version of the app store. If your iTunes account is registered with a Chinese address, you need to create a new iTunes account with a foreign address to download these apps.
If you are using a USA iTunes account but don't have a US credit card to buy apps, you can always buy a $5 USA iTunes gift card on Taobao.

3. Tap on No Proxy 


4. Tap on Proxy URI


5. Paste String (given address, e.g. ssr://..)
and Tap OK ()


6. Turn ON Smart Routing (to bypass China)
and finally Tap Start.


Enjoy browsing.

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