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Setup Guide for Windows

Please contact us to retrieve the String (given address, e.g. ssr://..). This service is only for our subscribed users. 

1. Download the FILE to a desired location (Desktop recommended), then double click with the left button on your mouse and press Extract. Open VPN folder (it is located where you downloaded previous file)

2. Copy String (open Shadowsocksr-sting file which is located in VPN folder, select the given address by pressing Ctrl  A on your keyboard, and then press Ctrl  V - the String will be copied to the clipboard).

3. Run  (WINDOWS file in VPN folder). ALLOW ACCESS!


4. Look for this  icon in your toolbar next to the clock and right click on it.

5. Go to Import SSR links from clipboard.  

6. DELETE Free-SSR public from the list!!!

7. Click OK and Enjoy browsing.

Video instructions on how to set it up.

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